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SwiftCash Nodes(Miners, Masternodes, ...)

Each #SwiftCash Masternode(#SwiftNode) is secured by a 50,000 $SWIFT collateral

Decentralized Finance & Exchange

Official wrapped token on the BNB Chain

Each $wSWIFT on #BSC is backed by 1 $SWIFT in the #SwiftCash blockchain

BSC Contract Address: 0x99945f484EBc48F5307cC00cF8dCF8d6D3d4B017

Proof of Reserves: 8Ua9sYv2R4X2AyMPRMrsDXZYPUPZEWJxr3


SwiftCash has quite a long history which goes back to mid 2017. First fork launched in October 2018, followed by 4 full resets. The final reset took place in March 2020. In December 2023, SwiftCash Team launched its first ever wrapped token on the Binance Smart Chain. Each $wSWIFT is backed by 1 $SWIFT, locked in a multisig contract, and maintained by trustworthy members of the community. Bridging between the #BSC and #SwiftCash blockchains currently incurs a 1% fee, 50% of which will burn in a deflationary fashion to support the SwiftCash blockchain. We plan to launch more wrapped tokens in the future, to increase our presence in the DeFi space. Polygon is the next network on our horizon! Join us on all social media platorms to stay up to date about everything $SWIFT!

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Blockchain-Based & Cheat-Proof

You can now play in cheat-proof lotteries that run fully on the blockchain


SWIFT's decentralized lotteries run fully on the blockchain and are secured by Miners and Masternodes. Tickets can be bought with as little as 0.01 SWIFT; 15% goes to Miners and Masternodes who secure the network. This provides Miners and Masternodes with a solid real income in addition to the ever decreasing inflation. 5% of the tickets burn in a deflationary fashion while 80% becomes the jackpot which is split between 3 guaranteed winners, every 5,000 block, using discrete distribution; sending more coins to the Lottery contract will increase your chances in winning. First winner gets 60% of the jackpot, second winner 30% and third winner 10%. All winners can wind up being the same person!

Lottery's Jackpot

HODL/Term Deposits


SWIFT's HODL deposits immitate term deposits in the traditional banking systems and can receive up to 80% of the maximum block rewards. Unlike traditional term deposits, HODL deposits are not lent to any centralized authority or individual, but are rather locked in the SwiftCash blockchain and made unspendable for a set period between 1 and 12 months. The best rate is paid to 12-months deposits and is currently 53.35%. The APR for HODL deposits locked for less than 12 months, incurs a penalty of 7% for each month less.